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The Great 5a Bake-Off

We had a bake-off on 10th March. Most students in our class brought cakes, muffins or cookies. All together there were 23 baked things. We shifted the desks so that there was a big table in the middle and some desks around it. Then we placed the cakes on the desks and put the recipe, which we wrote, beside it. After that Mrs. Süwer gave everyone two blue pieces of paper and told us to keep it beside the cake which looked the best. That was for how good the cake looked. Then she gave us two pieces of green paper and told us to keep it beside the cake whose recipe was the best.

After that we had to cut the cakes in several small pieces. Mrs. Süwer then gave everyone two red pieces of paper. That was for the cake that tasted the best. Mr. Bingmer and Mrs. Wilk were also there. We invited some students from senior classes to come and taste the cakes. Then Mrs. Pfeffermann and Mrs. Heger came, too. Some other classes were also there. Most people gave us some money for the class fund. When the others had left, we packed the stuff and moved the desks to their original places again. Then we counted who had the most pieces of paper and the group/person was declared winner in that category.

Congratulations to all winners of that unforgettable contest! 😊

Von Krittika Roy (5a)

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